Global day of parents

Today is the Global Day of Parents - a day introduced by the UN to recognise the ongoing commitment made by parents around the world. Over the 35 years that Triple P has worked with parents, it’s hard to think of a time that has been more challenging for families.

Covid19 changed everything. Alongside their usual role of caregiver, parents found themselves acting as teacher, playmate, mental health practitioner, and many more.

Demand for our online parenting programme went up by almost three times, with parents looking for support on a wide range of issues - chief amongst them were mental health and wellbeing concerns. A recent BBC poll revealed that three quarters of parents found that their child’s mental health has become a great priority since the pandemic.

And even as lockdown has lifted, the effects on young people have remained. Those seemingly endless months have led to a range of difficulties - loneliness, reluctance to go out and socialise, and falling behind their developmental milestones to name just a few.

Parents now face the task of supporting their children through the transition out of Covid - increasing their confidence so they can embrace nursery, school, new friends and exciting new environments.

We know that this huge task can feel daunting and isolating - and it can be hard to know where to turn. For millions of parents around the world, the answer has been Triple P. Whether the issue at hand feels small or serious, our programmes are tailored to help you overcome these challenges. With over 35 years of experience, each programme is backed by research and proven by parents.

Global Parenting Day is one day that allows us to pause and consider the other 364, and the ways we can help parents every single day, to build resilient, happy children. Parents tell us all the time that parenting is the most important job they will ever do. Working with trusted partners around the country, we can support them to overcome the toll of the pandemic - and to make that job as rewarding as possible.