Triple P Parenting

in Sheffield

Triple P gives parents tips and strategies that really work, so you can help your kids be their best, and make yourself feel less stressed!

Every parent has challenges, but it doesn’t have to be QUITE so hard! Raising kids and teenagers is a lot easier with a bit of help from Triple P Online, the 24/7 way to do the parenting programme that’s been shown to work for families all over the world. You can get tips and ideas to help your kids grown up to be happier and more resilient, and your teenagers to be more respectful, more confident, and more able to cope with life. And you can discover effective strategies to manage problem behaviour and encourage more of what you’d like to see. It all leads to a calmer, less stressful home and family life.

Sound good? Here’s some even better news: you can get started with Triple P Online straight away.

The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program® is available free through selected schools in Sheffield, thanks to Sheffield City Council and the Sheffield Parenting Hub.

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