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Triple P Online (for toddlers to tweens)

can help you:

  • Encourage good behaviour
  • Manage misbehaviour
  • Settle tantrums
  • Tackle disobedience
  • Teach your child new skills
  • Take the stress out of shopping
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Triple P Online (for pre-teens and teens)

can help you:

  • Build a stronger relationship
  • Negotiate boundaries and expectations
  • Deal calmly with conflict
  • Survive the emotional rollercoaster
  • Prepare for risky situations
  • Equip them to handle life’s problems
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“Emily’s behaviour has improved. Triple P Online has very much improved our lives.”

Richard and Claire Fuller didn’t like shouting at their 2-year-old daughter when she misbehaved. But using strategies from Triple P Online, they now don’t have to. Find out how they did it.

“Something really simple makes such a big difference”

Stoke-on-Trent childcare worker Deborah Mitchell was having behavioural issues with her daughter Olivia. It took Triple P Online to show her some simple strategies to turn things around.

Triple P Online in action

With Triple P Online, parents like mother Fiona Heys can do a Triple P parenting programme anywhere, anytime. Fiona says Triple P made a big difference to her little boy’s behaviour, and the family dynamics.

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