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The occasional tantrum or daily defiance? A course with other parents or a few personal sessions? Choose how much positive parenting you need, and how you do it. Use this selector to find the best Triple P for you.



Meet The Man Behind The Programme


Triple P founder Matt Sanders opens up about life as a father, grandfather & parenting expert. read more



You Count Your Steps, But What About The Number Of Words You Say?


Many parents don't know the value of simple conversation with their children. Triple P's Matt Sanders explains how talking lays the groundwork for academic… read more

mother touching little girl's face as they smile at each other

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Why kids should take risks

There's an ongoing debate about whether kids are over-protect or too 'free-range'. But it's good for a child's development for them to take some risks. Find out… read more


What parents say

With six kids in a two-bedroom house, Tammy and Shane Ellis’s life was chaotic. But why did the kids behave well for Shane and not Tammy? Luckily, Group Triple P helped turn things around.

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